Clean Green.
Tuesday, June 28, 2011 at 9:40AM
Jason Stratton

It's no surprise that the Environmental Protection Agency has had a hand in the evolution of waterproof coatings.  The regulations set forth have significantly changed the products we install.  Cleaners and sealers have been subjected to the same pressures.  Often times, people ask us for a product recommendation to clean their deck surface.  We've recently discovered a non-toxic, hard surface cleaner that does the job and meets the guidelines set forth by the EPA available thru one of our suppliers, Waxie Sanitary Supply.  It is their product #320024 - Balance Neutral-PH Hard Surface Cleaner.  Refer to our Care and Maintenance Guide on our FAQ page for further details about cleaning and maintaining your deck.  Don't hesitate to contact our office any time if you have specific questions you would like addressed.

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