Meet Christian.

Having worked for Stratton Specialty Coatings for nearly 10 years, Christian is very experienced in deck coating applications.  He is a hard-working, reliable employee who gives his all to ensure a quality installation at every job.  Christian is both professional and courteous and takes his time to guarantee that our customers are satisfied and happy with the work he does. 


Clean Green.

It's no surprise that the Environmental Protection Agency has had a hand in the evolution of waterproof coatings.  The regulations set forth have significantly changed the products we install.  Cleaners and sealers have been subjected to the same pressures.  Often times, people ask us for a product recommendation to clean their deck surface.  We've recently discovered a non-toxic, hard surface cleaner that does the job and meets the guidelines set forth by the EPA available thru one of our suppliers, Waxie Sanitary Supply.  It is their product #320024 - Balance Neutral-PH Hard Surface Cleaner.  Refer to our Care and Maintenance Guide on our FAQ page for further details about cleaning and maintaining your deck.  Don't hesitate to contact our office any time if you have specific questions you would like addressed.


Meet Jorge.

Jorge "Sepi" Castillo has worked with Stratton Specialty Coatings for many years.  His knowledge of all of the products we install make him an asset to the company.  Most recently, Sepi played an important role in making the terrazzo logo to be used at the San Diego Wildlife Refuge Complex in Chula Vista, CA.  He has also had a hand in some of Stratton's most prominent installations at The San Diego Airport, the new El Cajon Public Safety Center, The University of San Diego, among others.  Thanks for a great job, Sepi!


It's Raining, It's Pouring.

The weather has been very unpredictable this year.  Here we are in the middle of May with full blown rain...AGAIN!  Because a lot of our work is outside, our schedules are very closely tied to the weather.  If it's raining, it's very likely that we won't be on your project.  There are also times when we have to cancel work even with just the threat of rain.  There's a method to our madness!  We can't install certain products if the weather isn't cooperating.  For example, if we seal a deck and it gets rained on within a short period of time after the work, it will likely result in the surface coat becomming cloudy.  We do our very best to avoid these scenarios and while it may seem like we're being over-cautious, we are simply trying to avoid having to re-do the work, which in the long run, is more time and hassle for everyone. 

We appreciate your patience with our scheduling delays during these unexpected weather patterns and thank you for your business.


Meet Robert.

Another of our superstar installers is Robert Jimenez.  Robert has worked in the terrazzo industry for as long as he can remember.  He takes pride in installing impeccable work and the relationships he has with our customers.  We get countless requests to have Robert on jobs because of his hard work and great attitude.  He is a wealth of knowledge in the products we work with and often, a go-to guy for technical information.  No job is too difficult for Robert...he makes the most challenging of projects look easy!  Robert is most definitely an asset to Stratton Specialty Coatings and we appreciate his dedication.